Log - 2013

Gilbert Price

Thoughts and Ideas

12.25.12 - I moved from the last FAA job to a Team Lead position within the same office. Quasi-management means much of the same responsibility without the authority to compel cooperation or performance. Not only did this promotion move me from Lexington, SC to McDonough, GA. It has really opened my eyes to trying to get the job done in a non-military setting. Up until this position, I was only responsible for my own performance, now I work with 14 other employees to complete the mission of the whole branch.

The kids are doing well, Nicholas has entered this Christmas break with no grades below a B, a first since elementary school. I am very proud of him.

Jordan is doing well, she's really becoming the little artist and author. She plans to expand her art to include oil and acrylic paints this year. She's become very proficient with electronic art, completed some very good photography and is performing well with the violin.

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