About This Site

Gilbert Price

June 26, 2007

gilprice.com was born out of a desire to put my rants and raves into the public eye. I initially registered this domain in 1996 and have kept it active ever since. Over the years I have tried many different ways of managing this site, I've used just about every tool, every database backend system and am now going back to a simple text editor and FTP (file transport protocol) upload.

Using the text editor and keeping the site files on a USB thumb drive allows me the most freedom for adding content or writing where ever I may be. An Internet connection is NOT required! Nor is any expensive content management tools. I can write on my laptop while waiting in the car, waiting for a plane or for the kids to finish up a swim lesson.

I host this site on the most excellent Textdrive service. I've paid for one of those offered packages which gives me a one price for lifetime hosting, good for as long as Textdrive is in existence. Long live Textdrive!

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